We understand corporate culture and make companies more productive.

The basis for any cultural change is an in-depth analysis

What is corporate culture? The answer from one of our international customers was: “The way we do things.” However, in most cases, this pragmatic statement could be continued with the words: “… and this is not always effective.”

If you notice that your existing corporate culture is not supporting performance as well as it could holding you back from achieving business targets, it may be necessary to introduce a New way of working®. As part of such a project, Moving Minds actively fosters a new corporate culture, thereby stimulating individual and group productivity.

Our work with customers always starts with a diagnosis, including an analysis of the company culture. Only once we have identified the drivers and inhibitors in the DNA of your organization can we start thinking about ways to implement real change.

Measures towards change are tailored to suit your individual situation and involve you directly. As a result, the internal condition of the organization is automatically improved, which in turn means that all the different stakeholders involved are given a motivational boost.

Based on our insights, we develop a customized plan of action

We help to re-establish or develop a productive company culture. This ensures that ambitious economic objectives can be achieved. Furthermore, each employee understands the meaning of his or her job, which increases overall satisfaction.

The measures we suggest as part of a change process have been scientifically proven. Examples of such measures and tools include:

  • Measures to align management: Team-building workshops for managers to develop a unified perception and pattern of behavior

  • Integration of middle management and employees: Active involvement of decision-making staff at different levels to create a positive atmosphere

  • Project management: Support of the internal project team during the conceptual, adjustment and execution phases to ensure a sustainable change in corporate culture

  • Behavioral change measures: Execution of far-reaching intervention, for example to change the behavior of individuals by increasing their self-awareness, and carrying out exercises on how to implement efficient strategies

  • Collegial collaboration: Measures to improve collaboration above and beyond business units by changing individual behavior, team dynamics, and drawing on group intelligence

  • Measures to sustain organizational health: Creation of measures to improve the balance between work and private life and to initiate a constructive exchange between employees and executives by fostering formal and informal dialogue

For our customers we will do everything.