Change Management & Transformation

We set people, culture and structures in motion and develop new potentials

Change Management

For over 10 years, we have been focusing on Culture Change project, transformations triggered by digitalization and the implementation of a new kind of leadership required for this. Every day, our internationally experienced senior partners and teams of young business psychologists put their methodological knowledge and deep experience into practice together with clients.


The change of the organizational structure, the processes and the corresponding roles, as well as the governance on paper is often the easy part of the projects. Our change and transformation projects start with the structural aspects, but the decisive factor for success is the expansion of the competencies of the managers and the targeted development of behavioral aspects in all employees involved.


We make both dimensions visible in our diagnostics, derive the right measures from our broad and deep repertoire of classic and state-of-the-art interventions for change and manage implementation along clear KPI’s. Our secret of success, for which we have been awarded many times, is to answer the question: “How can leaders and employees feel co-responsible in a natural way?”


  • Team: A project team of senior partners and an assisting team, with high social competence, methodological confidence and humor, that fits seamlessly into the organization and deals trustfully with all stakeholders at eye level. The works council gets our special attention and respect.
  • Experience: A library of methods, everyday tools, processes and change KPIs/ OKRs that has grown over the years in international projects and has been tested in practice.
  • Know How: Profound state-of-the-art knowledge in personnel and organizational psychology such as Neuro-Leadership.
  • Process: A three-phase change process for all stakeholders that is transparent and implemented with disciplined project management. This includes profound diagnostics to holistically grasp your current situation and understand the reasons for problems, dilemmas and possible resistance to expected changes.
  • Collaborative Purpose: Our ability to unite all stakeholders behind a common goal, starting with a united board or executive team.

Our Change Management includes two Offerings

Culture Management

Culture Change is the enabler of all Business Changes! Appreciation, participation, meaning, competencies, co-responsibility, communication, make a culture.

Transformations Management

Transformations are profound changes in the culture,
the business model, the mind-set and the way
of leading. 

Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involvedand our consultants with their individual personalities.