Bonding Now

In Times of Social Distancing

“What do you say at your next virtual team meeting?”  –  “Nothing. Let the audience connect!”

One commonality all knowledge workers in the corporate environment share currently, is a radical shift to remote virtual collaboration.

The ALL VIRTUAL experience is many things, but for most of us it is new.
How do we create this one motivation, inspiring or cheerful, while not being able to do small talk about last weekend, gossip at the coffee machine, do little side remarks about people, release irony about project or drop our moods on close team mates?
These are all things that contribute to bonding within a team and the social relationship in everyday life, which stabilizes us emotionally and defines our place and belonging in the company.

Moving Minds has thought about this and offers two ideas.

BONDING NOW – the very pragmatic practice to compensate as much as possible for what will become normal again post Corona: Feeling close, deep exchange about personal feelings and setting a motivating social atmosphere.

POST CORONA – Real Fun provides entertainment, connecting interaction, leaves room for hope, motivation and shared fun in the open space.

The investment of 3x30min per week in April can be just what your team needs. So check it out and get started.

Clients appreciate: