People Working for People – Our Team Introduces Itself.

Managing Director Roland Gieske

Listening in instead of listening out

Setting people and organisations in motion with impulses gives me deep joy. Even after hundreds of executive coaching sessions at all management levels and about 120 change programmes since 1998, changing the way people think, feel and work remains my exciting and fulfilling vocation.

Managing Director Prof. Friedrich Bock

Appreciate the differences as much as the similarities.

In our lives we meet a wide variety of people. One or two things about them may be familiar to us. Others are new and different. This ‘being different’ is hastily assessed by many as not being right. But why? Through my many years of experience in different contexts, I have learned that it is precisely these differences that are the decisive factor. We have to build on what we have in common, value differences and make the best use of them.

Senior Partner Jan-Peter P. Schacht

You can never solve problems with the same method that created them.

In change management projects, resistance is often encountered. Therefore, it is essential for the success of a project to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis of the organisational situation in advance. On this basis, strategy and planning can be implemented in a targeted manner using proven methods. I am happy to take on the challenge of taking those involved along the path of change and dissolving resistance in order to communicate the advantages and positive effects of change to all those affected.

Director of Finance Karsten Schütt

Respond before time runs out.

When companies are in trouble, it is too late to deal with change management, restructuring and leadership culture. That is why we address grievances well in advance. We uncover them in Climate Surveys, in which all respondents say very openly where they and the organisation stand. Looking at the implementation and opportunity costs of a change project, as well as measuring success using clear KPIs, are particularly close to my heart.

Associate Partner Dr. Kerstin Laubsch

Leadership by Leadership Architecture

Leadership must always do both: lead and manage. Accordingly, leadership and management skills are the two pillars of leadership competence. Different markets and business models require differentiated management and leadership systems. What they all have in common is the need for clear direction, efficiency and high individual effectiveness.

Associate Partner Bernhard Heck

To change means to overtake!

Whether on the racetrack or in employee satisfaction, in sport or in business, the next level of performance is achieved faster and more sustainably with the support of colleagues, mentors and external coaches. To develop organisations to the next level of their performance maturity, we draw on the experience inherent in colleagues and the collective intelligence of existing teams. We complement this with our know-how as experts.

Associate Partner Farina Behme

Transform stress into strength and sweat into bliss!

Motivated, powerful and courageous. Inspire you to leave the beaten track and make your life even more colourful. With mindfulness and lightness, even the biggest “yoga muffle” will be turned upside down, literally.

Associate Partner Dorothèe Putzier

There are treasures hidden in every person and every organisation that need to be found.

My passion is to find these treasures. I support people and organisations to grow and change on their own. It is about having clarity about where the journey should go, finding the right structures for it and focusing on what is essential. I also help to mobilise the necessary energy for change.

Senior Consultant José Zlaber

The key to happiness is from within

2020 has shown us how important it has become to be able to react to unpredictable results with inner calmness and to be able to prepare appropriately for new circumstances and changes. For me, successful coaching means something holistic: the alignment between the inner and outer attitude.

Junior Consultant ann-Kathrin wolters

Passion is energy.

In a time when almost all of us have millions of choices all the time, we have a chance to really figure out what our passion is and live it. It is my deep belief that people who do what they love are the healthiest and happiest, the best at their jobs, and the most social friends.

My passion is to guide people to find that place.

Junior Consultant pia Franke

Shaping change.

Change is a constant companion, both professionally and privately. How we deal with these changes is crucial. I think it is very important not to just wait and see. Instead, we should proactively shape change and pave the way for the future we want and in which we want to live.

Assistance Julia Bücker

The courage to change

Nothing is as constant as change,” said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. New challenges make us grow – whether at work or in our private lives. 

Let’s step out of our comfort zone.

assistance Monika Nguyen

  “In a tottering ship, he who stands still and does not move falls over.” – Ludwig Börne

In an increasingly fast-paced world, openness to change is essential!
Those who see change as an opportunity instead of fearing it, have a distinct advantage. Because change only favors those who are prepared for it.
An experienced coach offers a solution-oriented and promising implementation of change projects.

Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involved and our consultants with their individual personalities.