We have deep Respect for every Human Being.

We have a simple belief about people’s ability to change: People cannot and should not change their personality. But they can adapt their current behaviour patterns in a self-motivated way, if they are no longer productive and correct in the current environment. Our counsellors are your companions in this development.


We have deep respect for the autonomy, personal behaviour and skills of every employee. Everyone, no matter at what organisational level, contributes with his or her abilities to the performance in the organisation. This basic understanding gives rise to the appreciation and respect with which we treat everyone.

Our Attitude Towards Our Work.

  • The subtitle ‘International Partners for Leadership and Change’ shows our basic attitude towards a holistic view of leadership issues and change dynamics in organisations.
  • What sets us apart is the combination of an in-depth understanding of strategies, business models and processes with a profound knowledge of people’s behaviour and how to change it.
  • We have a deep understanding of dynamics, procedures and modes of action in change processes, in companies of all sizes.
  • We have a basic attitude of full respect for every person and their values.
  • We measure ourselves against international consulting standards and state-of-the-art methods.
  • The application of our proven methods resolves the complexity of systemic interdependencies and accelerates and secures project progress.
  • We work together with our clients to find solutions and do not deliver standards.

We Talk About Change and Create Change.

 Since the beginning of 2012, Moving Minds has been a partner of the foundation “Bündnis für Kinder”. Against violence.

The foundation sends clear signals against violence. It supports and promotes selected projects for the prevention of violence and child protection. The Foundation’s goal: Children and young people should be able to grow up free of violence in a child-friendly society.

For years, consultants from Moving Minds have accompanied Bündnis für Kinder on a pro bono basis.
With the strategic orientation of the foundation, the first foundation stone was laid for the positioning of Bündnis für Kinder. Against Violence. In addition, the internal organisation was designed and the project management. As Moving Minds has its competences in change management as well as strategy and organisation implementation, we continuously accompany the Alliance for Children in the implementation of the strategy, as well as in almost all operational issues – and this still on a pro-bono basis.

Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involvedand our consultants with their individual personalities.