Our Methods

We are your consultant with profound methodological competence and innovative spirit.

In our work, we apply practice-tested methods to ensure process reliability and to make the timed changes comprehensible for all stakeholders. We complement them with creative, innovative ideas of organizational development and look very closely and empathetically at how the shaping executives act and how the employees are affected by the change.


Our working methods and process recommendations are primarily based on four aspects:

  • Scientific theories and methods
  • Many years of experience of the senior partners
  • Accurate fit to the requirements of the customer
  • Contagious enthusiasm and passion we do our work with

We develop the approach that is right for you in a co-creation with you. We also draw on our 20 years of experience, project histories and our innovative intervention pool to achieve success through the right-fit approach for your change and culture project. How do we measure success? We develop a set of change KPI’s that also helps to take skeptical stakeholders on the challenging change journey.


In addition to methods from change management, organizational psychology, IT tools, AI and research in neurology, we also use approaches and models from other scientific disciplines. In this way, we create closeness in terms of content and trust among all participants.

We rely on scientific findings, proven methods and innovative approaches.

Our methodological knowledge has been applied and further developed over decades by our senior consultants. In addition, current additions to this skill and knowledge are regularly made by the latest scientific findings. Only what has proven itself in practice is applied in our projects!


Our methods are incorporated into projects at three different levels:

1. Change Process: The overarching framework of the change process that brings consulting modules and supporting methods / models into contextual and process logic.

2. Consulting Modules: Each phase of the change process (e.g. Plan) as well as supporting work streams (e.g. Project Management) contain thematic consulting modules such as the Target Scenario, which are offered as such to our customers.

3.Methods / Models: All consulting modules are supported either by scientific models or by the methods proven in practice.

Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involvedand our consultants with their individual personalities.