Leadership Coaching

Gasp, Touch, Move, Coaching, Change and Behavior

We distinguish between individual and team coaching. Both connect inner drivers and target directions of the coachees and dissolve existing blockages.

Due to the different tasks of coaching, the sessions vary in duration and intensity. Basically, the coachee is responsible for his development. We support him or her with targeting pre- and post-session assignment. However, it is crucial that the chemistry between coachee and coach is right. Both must be able to define this for themselves.

Our coaching sessions are characterized by the fact that they are not purely behavioral coaching sessions, but take place in the context of the coachee´s corporate strategy, culture, role and area of responsibility. This makes what is learned directly applicable to the coachee´s everyday situation. Safeguarding the new behavioral strategies learned is done through supporting concepts such as tracking the milestones of the personal development plan PEP, learning partnerships or tools imparted during the coaching. These tools can be used at any later time in the coachee´s everyday situation.



​„My work with the executive is driven by two elements. One is the development of the deep understanding – What does the current business environment actually require from the executive? – In terms of the VUCA world that requires a lot of adaptability and and adaption in behavior and new bahavioral competencies to be acquired through coaching. And the other is working on how to tap into new competencies in the executive. How does the leader tap into new skills to deal with the challenging situation?”


Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involvedand our consultants with their individual personalities.