Assessments & Appraisals

Talent Search


Assessments as a Starting Point for
effective Development

The basis of our work with your executives is an in-depth assessment of existing talents and preferences. We combine specific questioning techniques and forms of Appreciative Inquiry with methods such as MBTI®, HOGAN, DISC®, LIFO and other recognized methods.
The effectiveness of the trainings is intensified by accompanying coaching. This enables the trainers in their individual fields of development.

Appraisals as a basis for the next
Development Step

Regular appraisals of the professional performance and personal development of each leader are important for motivation and overcoming normal resistance in everyday business life. With the leader, we look very closely at the performance-relevant behavioral issues in depth dialogue. This conversation has a special form and intensive atmosphere. In it, the SMART objectives in the PEP, the personal development plan, and the achieved-not-achieved aspect are analyzed together. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the measures for implementation is looked at and possibly the personal goals are reconsidered.

Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involvedand our consultants with their individual personalities.