Leadership Consulting

Knowing, being able, thinking, feeling, sensing

Recognizing and developing the potential of leaders


Systematic development of leaders in the balance of performance, culture and self-awareness Leadership

Leadership Consulting at Moving Minds includes the areas of:


  • Assessments and appraisals
  • Leadership programs
  • Individual and team coaching

At our core, we provide the expertise to identify the strengths of individuals and teams, to make motivations and strengths recognizable and to dissolve performance blockages. Our approach is based on humanistic principles, psychological methods and knowledge of the necessities of the VUCA world.


Our leadership programs are always part of a holistic HR development strategy and are offered as blended learning experiences or, depending on the objective, virtually. They become an emotionally powerful experience through their lively, interactive and modern design. Participants feel a strong bonding grow among themselves. This is reflected in alumni activities years later. Through our systemic attitudes, we incorporate the current business situation and trends of the industry, the unique corporate culture and overarching goals tailored into the design of our programs.

We ensure the sustainability of your investments in leadership development

Leadership training is often criticized for not achieving long-term change. That’s why, after each training session they complete, we get participants to commit to being intrinsically motivated to address their personal development issues. Proven tools to support this are Buddy Learning, our format POD’s – learning groups of three, and Collegial Consultation. This supports the learning progress of the participant and ensures the long-term success of your measure in a cost-effective way.

Why you should choose Leadership Consulting with Moving Minds

  • Psychological state-of-the-art methods
  • Digital tools to create an interactive experience
    (Padlet, Zoom, Skype, MS Teams, MS Whiteboard and Online Games)
  • Instant feedback via Mentimeter, Slido, SurveyMonkey
  • Practice tools for immediate application in everyday life
  • Mindfulness exercises that lead to actual sensing and physical anchoring of what has been learned
  • Self-awareness formulation and reflection with learning partners
  • Collegial consultation, learning partnership, blended learning

Leadership Consulting – Offers

Leadership Programs
– Flight to the next Level

Leadership Coaching
– Unfold Potential

Clients appreciate:

Process reliability, pragmatic methods, empathy for all parties involvedand our consultants with their individual personalities.