We develop personalities and a common perspective.

Systematic leadership development as a driver of growth

Leadership consulting at Moving Minds consists of three areas: assessments, leadership programs, and coaching. All three areas have one thing in common: they help to identify the strengths of individuals and teams and tend to consolidate and develop these strengths.

All leadership development programs are designed to form part of a holistic staff development strategy. Thanks to their lively, interactive, and modern concept, they are highly attractive. Participants are fully involved in practical exercises at all times during training. Furthermore, it is important to us that the content of the training fits the specific culture of your company as well as your economic circumstances and the long-term goals of the organization.

We ensure that your investments in leadership development pay off now and in the future

Leadership training is often criticized for a failure to bring about any changes in the long term. Why is this the case? It is because participants quickly fall back into old habits! We minimize the risk of this by using a training concept that sets out to tackle this issue. We have found a way to motivate participants to pursue their personal development goals after each training session. Peer support is a reliable tool on this front: participants select their own learning buddy and benefit from mutual support when it comes to monitoring and achieving individual goals. Both parties can meet at regular intervals months after the training has concluded, helping people to progress in their development and ensuring the long-term effectiveness of the training in a cost-efficient way.

Assessments establish a basis while coaching is effective in spurring development

Our work with you usually starts with a comprehensive assessment of your existing talents and preferences. Our trainers are certified in MBTI®, HOGAN, DISC®, LIFO and other well-known assessment tools.

Coaching is an ideal method of boosting the efficiency of training. With a professional coach, your leaders have someone who can respond to their individual needs. In recent years, we have developed from a coaching role to that of a trusted advisor among our clients since we know them and their businesses so intimately.

Why you should choose Moving Minds as your leadership consultant

  • State-of-the-art methods

  • Active learning: participants are directly involved in the learning process

  • Take-away tools for daily business

  • Body and soul exercises that also anchor learning outcomes in a physical way

  • Self-assessments after each module that are checked and discussed with a learning buddy

  • Collegial consulting

We develop leaders in different areas

We analyze strength and development potential of teams and executives in individual and team assessments.  more
Leadership Programs
Leadership Programs
We develop your leadership team systematically! Therefore, we use latest learning methods such as action learning or collegial consulting.  more
We guide our coachees towards their potential. This requires a thorough analysis of personal and behavioural pattern.  more

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