We initiate the movement of people and structures against resistance and unfold new potential.

Successful change management respects structural and behavioral patterns

Our experience in numerous projects has taught us that successful change management projects always address two dimensions: the structure itself, and the behavioral dimension that comes with change.

Structural aspects include formal structures, processes, roles, and systems – anything that has to be adapted during the intended change.

Behavioral aspects deal with the people affected by a change process. Leaders and employees demonstrate a range of individual behavior, competences, and capabilities every day. Additionally, it is necessary to understand the individual work ethic and collective corporate culture. Both must be changed according to the scope and intent of the change project.

A company can only achieve optimal performance if both dimensions – structure and behavior – are in alignment. When managing change projects, Moving Minds considers both dimensions and gears everything towards the company’s overall objectives. The central question during this process is “How do we inspire people to change?” Moving Minds is an expert in providing answers to this question.

What you can expect from us

  • Internationally experienced senior partners with relevant expertise in all kinds of transformation and change projects

  • library of methods, everyday tools, processes, and change KPIsthat have been documented and developed over many years

  • In-depth and cutting-edge knowledge of personal and organizational psychology in fields such as neuroleadership

  • Intense diagnostics to assess the actual situation in all aspects and to understand the reasons for problems and resistance

  • three-phase change process for all stakeholders that is transparent and executed by a disciplined project management team

  • project team of senior partners and supporting junior consultants that work harmoniously with your existing structures

  • The ability to align all stakeholders towards a common goal

Your change management services consist of three areas

Cultural Change
Cultural Change
The desire to change corporate culture may be motivated by a variety of reasons, for example to revitalize a culture of innovation. more
New Way of Working®
New Way of Working®
Both new technology and unproductive collaborations require people to change and adapt their daily work routines. more
Transition Management
Transition Management
When adaptation is insufficient to remain competitive, fundamental changes to structures & behavior are called for more

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