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The answer and implementation of the question „How do we enable a sustainable change of the way of thinking in an organization?“ is what we offer you. With our clients and their international subsidiaries such as Bayer AG, Lufthansa, Vodafone, GROHE as well as medium-sized companies and start-ups with digital business models, together we achieved sustainable successes at the following tasks:

  • Coaching of top leaders and talents, assessments and team development

  • Deliberating consequences of digitalization, which interfere deeply into processes and operations and support of employees in their new understanding of roles

  • Performance Culture: Maintain and develop the environment for motivation on performance

  • Development Culture: Support the professional and personal development of managers and employees as a basis in which the person can unfold its full potential in the VUCA world

  • Fit with the Agile Mindset: Conception of management programs and development landscapes for a New Way of Working®  

  • Specialised training events in the area of Young Leaders and for women

  • Coachings, assessments and team development

  • Translation of the meaning of a new strategy for every member of the organization

International competence in Change Management and Leadership Consulting

Our passion is a consequent personal development of people and their potentials, as well as the change of organizations in which they work. Combined they form for us vivid, natural systems.

As an expert consultation for the realization of change projects we answer the question „How can a planned change process be implemented into organizations with measurable success?” One answer is: With the changed mindset of managers. That is why the two areas of competencies Change Management and Leadership Consulting are included in our offer.

Due to the combination of senior partners, our library of methods, a systematic and safe change process and an inner attitude of knowing and respecting business targets and the personal needs of people, we are successful for you.

Our services: Change management and leadership consulting

Working on challenging projects for international customers, our consultants have developed a unique level of expertise in the field of change management. Generally speaking, we carry out change projects in three phases, each of which can be adapted to suit your specific situation.

Platform providers and the digitalization are forcing modified and new business models. These again require new organizational structures, processes and roles, New Ways of Working® and changed self-perceptions of all employees and managers. Smart, transboundary collaboration, the high demands of the VUCA world and the insidious interventions in work processes by artificial intelligence AI are clearly intervening into the daily reality of our customer’s employees and manager competency profiles.

As a result, hierarchies are flattening as well as the requirement regarding behaviour and mind-set of all parties and stakeholders are constantly changing. Nowadays organizations are permanently adapting to new circumstances, an ongoing transformational journey. In this challenging period we act as copilots, co-creators or even travel guides.

Our deep expertise in the field of individual psychology, team dynamics and organizational psychology complements the intuitive or technically oriented change competencies of our customers. The dialog with us is easy, direct and open, because we understand what is required in organizations in order to achieve financial ambitious high targets. This is what the challenging KPI´s and OKR´s are demanding from employees and manager.

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We offer leadership programs that are aligned to the needs of the leaders and teams, to the present business strategy and to the specific business environment. The offer includes assessments and coaching´s for individuals as well as for teams.

Our senior partners have international work experience as experts in the individual coaching of high potential young leaders, team leaders, division manager, directors and of the management boards. They have at least 15 years of experience in this field and are qualified trough psychological trainings and experiences, additionally the majority is certified. (For example: ICF standards).

Our team assessment and team development projects are supported and dynamized by fit-for-purpose tools, vivid and interactive interventions. As a result, a powerful, active and sustainable experience is guaranteed for every participant and the whole team.

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