We are consultants that provide extensive methodological expertise.

Thanks to the expertise of our senior partners and the methods used, we are able to predict inhibitors and sensitive areas as well as the perceptions caused by certain types of communication and counter-productive behavior in the face of change. Navigating such dynamics and making them productive is the essential goal of our method-based work.

We do not apply methods in a mechanical way because, taken alone, they cannot guarantee the success of a project. However, they are able to assure process reliability and forecasts for all people involved in, and affected by, a planned change. We always pay attention to when people are affected. In case of any doubt, we prefer to work with creative, innovative measures rather than established methods.

What else you should know about our work

Our method of operation and process recommendations are operation based on three aspects:

  • Scientific theory and methods

  • Extensive experience of our senior partners

  • Customized solutions for individual customers

We can develop an approach that is appropriate to your specific case working from our comprehensive library of methods. If needed, we can make any adaptations that are necessary to achieve the desired goal of the project.

In addition to methods from the areas of change management, organizational psychology, IT, and communication, we apply a number of approaches and models from other fields. In this way, we are able to provide a close fit as regards content, earning the trust of all participants.

Here we would like to introduce you to our most important methodspublications, and recommended reading.

For our customers we will do everything.