We create concepts for leadership development landscapes and carry out leadership training.

 Leadership development measures should always be aligned with your existing leadership landscape. And if you do not have such a landscape, we can develop one with you to achieve the maximum potential of your organization. This is how it could look like:

Training content is developed exclusively for your organization and each leader

Working with our international customers, we have discovered that holistic development programs that operate on three levels can cover the needs of every employee. Specifically, we distinguish between global, local, and individual measures.

Global programs are carried out on the international level, training leaders in areas to help them cope with the demands of industry dynamics, changing business models, and global trends. We also focus on team development on a scale beyond national borders.

Compared to international training, local programs aim to optimize the behavior of leaders and employees and to optimize collegial cooperation.

Individual measures, on the other hand, address the personal needs of each employee. The training carried out at this level includes process training, role play and coaching.

The choice is yours! Based on your company’s situation and the existing skills of your staff, we can work together to agree on the right training program.

If you need additional specialized training courses, we can also offer a broader range of customized modules. Contact us directly at info@moving-minds.de for further information.

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Our training modules have a consistent format

As a rule, each training day covers a maximum of two modules. Each module follows a tried-and-tested format.

Additionally, at the end of each module, participants are required to identify the next measures for their individual development based on a personal development plan (PEP). The PEP is put into action by each participant after the training.

For our customers we will do everything.