We reinforce training measures with coaching sessions.

 Insights from assessments provide perfect material for coaching sessions to support the personal and professional development of individual employees. We distinguish between one-on-one and team coaching, but both formats aim to forge links between that which motivates the coachee and his or her targets while breaking down inhibitors.

Given the broad range of coaching objectives, sessions vary in length and intensity. In principle, however, those who receive coaching are responsible for their own development. We provide support with a selection of tasks for before and after work. The personal chemistry between coach and coachee is a central factor for success, and this must be established on both sides close to the outset.

Our coaching sessions are characterized by a focus not only on behavioral issues but also on the role and responsibilities of the coachee. This means that the skills acquired can be put directly into practice at work. We ensure that new behavioral strategies are implemented by introducing supporting tools, which range from keeping a diary of personal milestones as part of a personal development plan (PEP) to forming a partnership with a learning buddy. Additional tools are covered during the coaching sessions and can be used by the coachee at any time in his or her daily work life.

“The difference and the approach you might be asking for is that I am thinking in a metaphor called Head, Heart and Guts. Head stands for clarity in thinking, being self-aware of what you are doing and saying. Heart is the metaphor for being connected to one-self and creating a connection with others and bringing them into their inner engagement. And third, the hand stands for excellence in execution. How do I translate what I am thinking and feeling into my business reality?”

For our customers we will do everything.