We deeply respect all people.

An important aspect of our philosophy at Moving Minds is the balance between profitability and a humane approach. Companies have clear financial targets, which they follow on a rational basis. On the other hand, there are also irrational needs of people in organizations. In change projects, basic needs such as security and status often come into play. We therefore always pay consideration to the possible consequences of changes for each leader and employee so that financial targets can still be reached.

Concerning the ability of people to change, we follow a simple doctrine: people cannot and should not change their personality. However, they can decide to change their actual behavior if they are not being productive or are no longer suited to their current environment. Our consultants act as guides in this process.

We deeply respect the autonomy, individual behavior, and professional skills of each employee. Regardless of their status in the organizational hierarchy, every employee contributes valuable skills to the overall performance of the organization. From this perspective, our philosophy is based on appreciation and respect towards everyone we work with.

Perceptions regarding our work

  • The tagline ‘International Partners for Leadership and Change’ underlines our holistic understanding of leadership topics and change dynamics in organizations

  • The combination of an intensive understanding of strategies, business models, and processes and an in-depth knowledge of human behavior and how it can be changed is what makes us unique

  • We have a deep understanding of dynamics, approaches, and the effectiveness of change processes in companies of every size

  • Our philosophy is one of unreserved respect for all people and their individual values

  • We measure ourselves in line with international consultancy standards and state-of-the-art methods

  • Our proven methods dissolve the complexity of systemic dependency and both accelerate and ensure project progress

  • Solutions are developed in collaboration with our customers and are not put into effect indiscriminately

  • We support customers if we are convinced by their objectives, helping them to achieve these in the long term

  • Empathy and mutual trust are vital conditions for the work we do with our customers

For our customers we will do everything.