We help to establish a mind-set for sustainable change.

Our integrated and systematic approach to transformation projects

Our transformation projects include much more than just the optimization of processes and operation methods. They are about initiating, enforcing, and accelerating fundamental change.

The key success factors for projects of this kind are the unreserved commitment of decision-makers and a clearly defined target scenario on the part of the organization in combination with our proven project management techniques, change methods, and extensive experience gathered over years in the field of change management. Working with these elements, we unify the activities of all stakeholders while also fostering their commitment to the change process. Thanks to our integrated and systematic approach to transformation projects, which takes into account both structural and behavioral aspects, we can guarantee a holistic reorganization.

The Moving Minds transformation process consists of three phases: Plan – Build – Change. This corresponds to the IT approach of Plan – Build – Run.

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Core aspects of the transformation process: Plan – Build – Change

What are the most important aspects of the planning, building and change phases? Below you can see a summary of the key requirements of each phase:

  • Commitment of the CEO, director, and the whole management team

  • Detailed business diagnostics

  • Analysis of structures and culture

  • Rigorous project management

  • Target scenario and KPIs (when will the change objective be achieved, and what milestones are there on the way?)

  • Strategic communication: Development of an employee journey through the change process, including a description of the personal path for individuals

  • Formation of new, observable behavior and anchoring this behavior

  • Training to cement new processes and roles

  • Leadership and organization development

We have already accompanied a number of transformations. These include the introduction of a new business model, a project to trigger sustainable behavioral change in response to a new IT infrastructure at a DAX company entailing smart collaboration and internal social media, and a project to establish the full engagement of middle managers and general employees following a new strategy.

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